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Our Story

Global Integrity Investments was created and founded by Toby Potter to purchase, rehab, and sell multifamily real estate alongside passive investors for above-market returns.

Global Integrity Investments was formed to capitalize on real estate opportunities, achieve above-market ROIs for investors, and build long-term wealth. Our company is an arm of Global Integrity Finance LLC, Global Integrity Private Equity Fund, Global Integrity Management, and Global Integrity Insurance Services, founded by Toby Potter, a forward-thinking senior executive with an accomplished 29-year career.

Global Integrity Finance has been helping people realize their dream of being a homeowner and ensuring profitability & success to real estate investors for 25+ years. This gives us a comprehensive understanding of the mortgage industry unlike any other lender. 

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to have a positive impact on our financial partners, borrowers, our employees, and our communities by efficiently and expertly providing financing for commercial real estate renovations, which provides increasing rate of returns, betters the communities where renovations occur, and grows the company.

We are an inspired team passionate about helping others realize their potential and achieve their dreams by providing educational and financial support.

Our goal is to change people’s lives, leaving a legacy behind and a lifelong imprint to always drive for success. Global Integrity Finance… INTEGRITY is our middle name.

Our Vision

Global Integrity Investments' vision is to become the premier lender for commercial real estate renovations and other real estate ventures that provide increasing returns for our financial partners, borrowers, and the company.

Our company intends to execute its business model while giving back at the same time to our communities by lending capital to developers seeking to rehabilitate certain geographic areas.

Global Integrity Investments is an innovative way to passively invest in real estate.

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