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Benefits Of Investing In Multifamily Real Estate


Utilizing passive investments in commercial multifamily real estate is a viable, proven way to invest in real estate without becoming a landlord. You can leverage professional expertise to create stable streams of tax-advantaged passive income that can buy back your time from work so that you can do the things in life that matter most to you. 

Forced Appreciation

Unlike residential home prices, commercial properties are valued by their income. This means we can immediately add value by increasing the property’s income (or decreasing the expenses).

We find properties where we can make interior and exterior improvements that positively impact tenants. 

Tax Benefits

Multifamily offers several tax advantages that are not available for traditional investments like stocks or bonds.

We suggest speaking with your tax advisor for more details.

Community Impact

We not only protect, build, and increase our investors’ capital, but we do that while improving the communities that our tenants live in.

We invest capital in updating our assets both from an exterior and interior to provide a clean and safe living environment.

Historic Returns

Multifamily investing returns have been far superior to other typical asset classes.

On average, the stock market has received an annual historical return of around 6-8%, while multifamily is more in the 15-20% range.


Several financing options exist for multifamily projects, including loans from government-sponsored enterprises like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

These programs enhance the availability and reduce the cost of credit for qualifying multifamily projects. Many of these financing options are also non-recourse, which lowers the risk to investors.

Why Global Integrity Investments LLC?

Our approach to multifamily real estate investing blends personalized service, proven business discipline, and strong data-driven insights.

Our Competitive Advantages

Global Integrity Investments provides a competitive advantage that you want and need when it comes to multifamily real estate investing.


We are a company built on the idea of integrity and trust. Our projections are transparent and are business models are proven through rigorous underwriting, due diligence, and professional expertise.

Industry Experience

We have 30+ years experience in lending on real estate properties so we have the ability to finance deals with better leverage, loan, and refinance terms than anyone else. Thereby creating stronger consistent cashflow and a better ROI for our multifamily investors.


Our cashflow is distributed on a MONTHLY basis as opposed to the market competition that distributes on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.


Our investment firm does NOT take any acquisition, refinance, or disposition fees. We share the equity position and charge a 2% annual asset management based off of the total annual income.


A monthly report will keep you apprised of activities and the performance metrics at the property.


You benefit from our years of expertise, experience, and ability to qualify for loans, select from many opportunities, vet the deal, and execute the management of the investment for maximum return on investment.

Take Your Portfolio To New Heights

Our goal at Global Integrity Investments is to help you build long-term wealth and passive income through multifamily real estate.


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